What Are the Dangers of DMSO Gel?

DMSO gel causes anything on the skin to be absorbed, so it is important to thoroughly wash the skin before using it. High concentrations of DMSO can be deadly. Possible severe side effects include an allergic reaction, headaches, itching and burning, according to WebMD.

DMSO may cause certain medications to become stronger. Potentially dangerous medications to take with DMSO include heart medicines, blood thinners, steroids and sedatives. People with liver, kidney or heart conditions, diabetes or asthma should not use DMSO unless specifically directed by a physician. Less serious side effects include skin irritation, an upset stomach and a strong scent of garlic, notes WebMD.

It is important to speak to a doctor before using DMSO gel, as supplements are not regulated by the FDA, and some may be harmful. Some DMSO products may be industrial grade, which could contain impurities that can be absorbed into the skin. DMSO taken orally may cause constipation, diarrhea, constipation or vomiting. Other possible side effects include dizziness, drowsiness and anorexia, states WebMD.

Pregnant or nursing women should not use DMSO gel unless otherwise directed by a doctor. There is little or no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of DMSO, aside from its use as a prescription medication, as of 2015. Appropriate dosage depends on the product's concentration, notes WebMD.