What Are the Dangers of Diet Drinks?

Ironically, one of the biggest dangers of drinking diet drinks is weight gain. Their consumption can also disturb the metabolism, cause headaches and depression, increase sensitivity to alcohol, rot the teeth, and possibly cause damage to the bones and the heart, says Fox News.

The ultra-sweet taste of diet drinks dulls the senses to natural sweets, says Dr. Brooke Alpert, author of "The Sugar Detox," for Fox News. Just as with normal sugar, the body reacts to the artificial sweeteners by releasing insulin and storing fat.

In a 10-year study at the University of Texas, 70 percent of diet-soda drinkers experienced a larger waist than those who did not drink diet soda. The effect may also be psychological. Diet soda drinkers may feel comfortable eating more if they know their drink contains no calories, explains Minnesota-based dietitian Cassie Bjork for Fox News.