What Are Some Dangers of Consuming Kola Nut Extract?


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The dangers of consuming kola nut extract include headache, insomnia, anxiety, tinnitus, stomach irritation, nausea and irregular heartbeat, according to WebMD. These dangers are only associated with consuming larger amounts of kola nut extract. Patients who abruptly stop consuming kola nut extract may develop symptoms including nervousness, irritation, anxiety and headaches. Chewing kola nut extract may lead to heightened risk of gastrointestinal and mouth cancer.

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The caffeine content of kola nut extract may significantly worsen the symptoms of certain conditions, notes WebMD. As research indicates caffeine may have an adverse effect in diabetes sufferers, these individuals should carefully monitor their kola nut extract consumption. Individuals with osteoporosis should restrict their total daily caffeine consumption to 300 milligrams, or between two and three cups of coffee. Because caffeine may slow down the blood-clotting process, consuming kola nut extract is not advisable for individuals with bleeding disorders.

Due to its caffeine content, kola nut extract in larger doses may be unsafe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, explains WebMD. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should restrict their total daily caffeine consumption to 200 milligrams or the equivalent of approximately two cups of coffee. Potential side effects of excessive consumption include low newborn weight, early delivery and miscarriage in pregnant women, and sleep disturbances and bowel activity stimulation in breast-fed children.

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