What Are the Dangers of Codependency?


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Some of the dangers of codependency are that the partners may fear true expression, they may fail to attend to personal needs, they can enable a partner to do destructive acts and they might refuse help from others, according to Northbound Treatment Services. Someone who is codependent can easily fall into a depressive state and lose the ability to create happiness for himself or herself.

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What Are the Dangers of Codependency?
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Codependency was originally a term for individuals who were in relationships that were also dependent on drugs or another type of addiction. The term has since broadened to include any anyone who is completely dependent on a relationship with another person. Codependent relationships are a type of dysfunctional relationship that often ends up affecting those in the relationship as well as their families and friends. Someone who suffers from codependency is often part of a one-sided relationship that may become destructive or physically abusive, according to Mental Health America.

A partner who is codependent might completely neglect his or her own personal health in order to please the other partner. Because he or she is only focused on pleasing the other partner, he or she may also find it difficult to be alone and to take care of himself of herself. Furthermore, he or she may never express his or her true feelings or defend themselves for fear of losing the partner upon which he or she depends.

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