What Are the Dangers Associated With a Person's Heart Skipping Beats?


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An irregular heart beat is associated with health issues such as heart disease, an imbalance of electrolytes in the blood, changes in the heart muscle or an injury caused by a heart attack. However, there are many caused of an irregular heart beat and some are not associated with any health dangers, according to WebMD.

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An irregular heart beat is medically referred to as an arrhythmia. Different types of arrhythmias include premature ventricular contractions, ventricular fibrillation and heart block, says WebMD.

PVCs are the most common type of arrhythmia, as of 2015. Every body occasionally feels this heart beat skip caused by stress or excess caffeine or nicotine, notes WebMD. However, PVCs are also caused by heart disease or an electrolyte imbalance. If PVCs occur regularly or along with other symptoms, it is a good idea to see a heart doctor.

Ventricular fillibration occurs when the heart can't contract or pump blood. This condition is a medical emergency, warns WebMD. Immediate treatment with cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation is required. Heart block is a condition in which there is a delay or complete block of the electrical impulse that travels in the heart. This causes an irregular heart beat which requires a pacemaker in extreme circumstances.

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