What Are the Most Dangerous Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease?


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One of the most dangerous symptoms of Alzheimer's disease for a patient is the tendency to wander, explains the University of Maryland Medical Center. Symptoms that are dangerous to other people include agitation and aggression, says the Alzheimer's Association.

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People with Alzheimer's who wander are a danger to themselves because they have difficulty remembering people and places and may become lost or injured, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Another self-danger is losing the ability to swallow, with a patient becoming more likely to choke. Driving is a third danger that directly affects both the patient and others in the case of a car crash.

People who have Alzheimer's are more prone to behavioral symptoms such as hallucinations and physical outbursts, says the Alzheimer's Association. A person faced with an Alzheimer's patient in the middle of an outburst should keep his voice calm and offer reassurance. He should speak slowly and provide simple choices instead of complicated questions. Therapy, medication and identifying the triggers resolve the symptoms in some cases. However, anti-psychotic drugs themselves can be a danger, as studies show that they lead to a higher risk of stroke and death. Examples of potential triggers include a caregiver change, a move to a new place and the presence of unfamiliar people.

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