Are There Any Dangerous Side Effects Associated With Blood Thinners?


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Blood thinners have the potential for dangerous side effects, including dizziness, muscle weakness and heavy or prolonged bleeding, says Healthline. Patients should get medical help if they encounter those side effects and fall or hit their heads because they may be bleeding internally.

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Are There Any Dangerous Side Effects Associated With Blood Thinners?
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Other dangerous side effects of blood thinners that warrant a visit to a doctor after a fall or head bump are hair loss and rashes, states Healthline. Other side effects include discolored urine or bowel movements, a cut that keeps bleeding for a long time and bleeding gums. The risk of internal bleeding is so dangerous that doctors forbid some patients on blood thinners from participating in contact sports.

Blood clots have the potential to develop if patients take other medications such as birth control pills, says Healthline. Conversely, many antibiotics, pain relievers, acid relievers and anti-fungal medications can heighten the risk of bleeding. Patients should always consult their doctors before starting any medication due to the potential for adverse interactions.

Patients who drink alcohol while on blood thinners can also experience dangerous side effects such as prolonged bleeding, increased risk of bleeding and interference of anti-clotting activity, explains Healthline. Certain herbs, herbal supplements and teas should also be avoided for this reason. They include chamomile, echinacea, clove, evening primrose oil, gingko biloba and willow bark.

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