How Dangerous Is It to Remove a Foot Bunion by Yourself?


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Patients should avoid trying to remove foot bunions on their own, warns the orthopedic surgeon Simon Moyes. The surgeon states that an open surgery is the only acceptable treatment for foot bunions. However, patients can apply homemade and non-prescription remedies to ease the pain until their surgeries, states WebMD.

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A foot bunion is a bony hump that develops on the part of the big toe that connects to the foot, as defined on WebMD. It often causes the big toe to stick outwards from the foot. As the complication occurs at a joint that endures the weight of the entire body, a foot bunion can be very painful.

Having treated patients who have tried alternative methods to heal their feet, Simon Moyes strongly opposes any other method than an open surgery. He states that a foot bunion may cause arthritis in the joint, and as such, patients must have open foot bunion surgeries as soon as possible. Especially cautious of the two-minute bunion operation, Moyes suggests scarf osteotomy as the best procedure.

Over-the-counter drugs, such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin, may ease the pain, adds WebMD. Likewise, patients can apply ice to their bunions for up to 20 minutes at a time, raise their feet above their hearts and use bunion pads to reduce pressure on their joints by redistributing body weight. Wearing roomy shoes with wide toe boxes and avoiding heavy physical activities are two other suggestions.

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