What Are Some Dangerous After-Effects of Seizures?


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People who have seizures are at a greater risk for injuring themselves during the seizure or suffering from breathing problems, according to the Epilepsy Foundation. Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy, known as SUDEP, occurs in rare cases of those who have frequent seizures.

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What Are Some Dangerous After-Effects of Seizures?
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Some other dangerous after-effects of seizures include falling or drowning due to the intensity of the seizure, states Mayo Clinic. People who go swimming or bathe while they have a seizure are more likely to drown due to loss of consciousness. Similarly, people who drive cars or operate heavy machinery are at a greater risk of injury during seizures. Some states restrict those who have epilepsy from driving a car in order to prevent car accidents. Some people who have seizures fall from a standing position, or from a great height, which causes head injuries, bone fractures or joint dislocations in some cases.

Clusters of seizures cause breathing problems for some people who have epilepsy, notes the Epilepsy Foundation. If someone's air passage is blocked due to constant convulsions, or if they vomit during a seizure, they are likely to die of suffocation unless their air passages are cleared.

People who have seizures need to avoid mountain climbing or other extreme sports that require concentration, suggests the Epilepsy Foundation. One way to prevent dangerous complications from seizures is to exercise with a partner and wear a helmet while riding a bike.

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