What Is the Danger Level for Cardiac Enzyme Levels?

While reference ranges for a cardiac enzyme test can vary from lab to lab, the normal range for results of the creatine kinase-myocardial band enzyme test is generally 1 to 3 micrograms per liter, states WebMD. Anything above that is a potential cause for concern.

The doctor is also likely to order a test for the proteins troponin I in the blood, with a normal value of 0.35 micrograms per liter, as well as a test for troponin T, with normal a normal value of 0.2, explains WebMD.

Other diseases, strenuous exercise and medications, including statins to lower cholesterol, can affect the enzyme levels, reports WebMD. Results from patients who undergo emergency procedures to treat heart conditions, including cardiopulmonary recitation or defibrillation, make the results unreliable. The CK-MB test offers a more accurate picture than the total CK enzyme test.