Does Dandelion Root Help With Weight Loss?


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As of 2015, limited research indicates that dandelion root may have a diuretic effect and promote temporary loss of weight related to water retention, notes Progressive Health. Dandelion root has not been shown to help with fat loss.

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A 2009 study suggests that taking dandelion root extract increases the frequency and volume of urination in healthy individuals. Participants in this particular study took 8 milliliters of dandelion extract orally three times in one day, and tended to produce a higher volume of urine over the next 24 hours, notes Progressive Health. Dandelion root is unlikely to be helpful for weight loss in patients who are overweight due to excess fat accumulation.

Dandelion root may be helpful in reducing bloating or puffiness due to water retention, notes Shape. Patients with ragweed allergies or those on quinolones, lithium or other medications changed by the liver should avoid taking dandelion root, according to WebMD.

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