What Are the Daily Tasks of a Pediatrician?

The daily tasks of a pediatrician include administering vaccinations, treating illnesses, performing wellness checkups, making hospital rounds, checking test results, returning phone calls and writing prescriptions, according to Dr. Steven J. Halm of YourPediatrician.com. Some pediatricians also go to emergency rooms to see patients who need immediate medical attention.

Pediatricians care for infants, toddlers, school-age children and adolescents, reports the University of Maryland Medical Center. Many of the services provided by pediatricians are aimed at preventing illnesses. Responsibilities include performing physical examinations, recommending age-appropriate vaccinations and helping young patients form healthy habits.

If a patient develops the symptoms of an illness, the pediatrician conducts a physical examination, orders tests and makes a diagnosis. Pediatricians also prescribe medications and treat injuries, according to WebMD.

Although much of a pediatrician's job relates to preventing and treating physical ailments, this type of doctor also helps manage emotional and behavioral disorders in children. Pediatricians are trained to recognize the symptoms of and recommend treatments for functional problems, depression, behavioral difficulties, anxiety disorders, social stresses and developmental disorders, reports the University of Maryland Medical Center. This type of doctor often works with other specialists to ensure patients receive the physical and emotional care they need throughout childhood and into adulthood.