What Daily Reflections Are Used in Alcoholic Anonymous?


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Daily reflections are a series of 365 connected headings, quotes and descriptive paragraphs taken from the book "Daily Reflections," a collection of writings by Alcoholic Anonymous members to provoke thought and behavioral change in other AA members. The members repeat the daily reflections on the same date annually.

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Each daily reflection begins with a heading such as "Curbing Rashness," "Self-Restraint" and "Fixing Me, Not You." It is followed by a pertinent quote from AA literature such as "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions," "Alcoholics Anonymous" or other sources. After this is a paragraph with an explanation and resolution of the aphorism cited. The explanatory section is generally written in the first person, designed so that an AA member can repeat the paragraph to himself to strengthen the resolve of the sentiments expressed.

The mutual aid organization Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in 1935 on the principles codified in an eponymous publication in 1939 by authors Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, both of Akron, Ohio. It seeks to assist individuals with recovering from alcohol addiction by a 12-step program that draws significantly on the influence of spirituality to encourage sobriety. The organization operates along guidelines known as the "Twelve Traditions," designed to structure it along altruistic and non-coercive lines of thought.

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