What Is the Daily Limit of Carbohydrates for a Person With Diabetes?

Diabetics should limit their carbohydrate intake to no more than 45 to 65 percent of their daily calories, advises Healthline. A reasonable goal is 130 grams of carbohydrates split between meals and snacks.

Carbs have the biggest effect on blood sugar levels, which is the reason why diabetics are asked to closely monitor them, explains WebMD. Carbohydrates are the foundation of a healthy diet, but there are other health considerations. Those with diabetes should eat a healthy, portion-controlled diet to manage their blood sugar levels and reduce the risk for other conditions such as stroke and heart disease, explains Mayo Clinic.

A healthy diet for diabetic people includes foods that are rich in nutrients and have a low-glycemic index, the American Diabetes Association reports. These foods include dark leafy greens, beans, salmon, nonfat yogurt, berries and citrus fruits. Sweet potatoes, nuts and whole grains are also healthy choices for diabetics. At each meal, the plate should be divided into three sections to ensure variety and portion control. Nonstarchy vegetables such as carrots, spinach or cabbage should fill the largest section, followed by grains for starchy foods and carbohydrates. The best food choices include pasta, potatoes, whole grain breads, rice, pasta or low-fat crackers.