What Is Da Vinci Robotic Surgery?


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Da Vinci robotic surgery is a method that allows doctors to perform surgery with a robotic arm and camera, which offers more flexibility, precision and control than traditional techniques, according to Mayo Clinic. Tiny incisions occur with robotic surgery instead of larger ones.

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The Food and Drug Administration has allowed doctors to use the da Vinci system since 2000, states Mayo Clinic. Since then, hospitals have used the system to treat many conditions. The most widely used system has a camera and several arms with surgical instruments. To use the system, the surgeon sits at a computer console next to the operating table and controls the arms as they work on the patient. On the screen, the surgeon sees a magnified high-definition three-dimensional view.

There are several advantages to using the da Vinci surgical system, including the fact that the surgeon can better see the site, explains Mayo Clinic. Surgeons also get the advantage of being able to perform complex and delicate procedures, which may be very difficult or even impossible to do with traditional means. This type of surgery allows doctors to perform minimally invasive procedures, which leads to fewer complication, less blood loss and pain, quicker recovery, and smaller scars. There are some risks associated with the da Vinci system, but these risks are similar to traditional surgery.

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