How Are Cysts on Ovaries Treated?


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Doctors typically prescribe birth control pills to treat ovarian cysts, according to Mayo Clinic. Some doctors may wait and re-examine the cyst to see if it goes away on its own. More serious ovarian cysts, those that cause pain, or cancerous cysts may need surgical treatment.

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The treatment for ovarian cysts varies depending on the age of the patient, symptoms, and the type and size of the cyst, according to Mayo Clinic. Typically, doctors only suggest surgical treatment if the cyst is large, growing or non-functioning or it lasts through two to three periods. Doctors also recommend surgery for women who develop ovarian cysts after menopause.

If the cyst causes pain or serious symptoms that impact a person’s quality of life, doctors may also suggest surgery as treatment, states Mayo Clinic. When just the cyst is removed but the ovary is in place, it is known as an ovarian cystectomy.

When the ovary harboring the cyst is affected, some doctors may recommend an oophorectomy, according to Mayo Clinic. This is a surgical procedure that involves removing the impacted ovary. If an ovary is cancerous, most doctors recommend a hysterectomy as a treatment. This includes removing the uterus, both ovaries and the fallopian tubes.

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