How Are Cyst Removed From a Person's Head?


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Head cysts are generally epidermoids and sebaceous cysts, and removing them simply requires a local anesthetic, a small incision and the squeezing out the contents. After putting a small stitch in place to close the incision, the doctor prescribes antibiotics in case of infection, according to WebMD.

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Epidermoid cysts consist of fat and keratin. In addition to appearing on the face, they also show up on the chest, shoulders and neck, and they often are the result of acne or mild injuries to the skin. When they form as a result of inflammation near hair follicles, they are known as pilar cysts. They almost never grow larger than 2 inches across, and men are more likely to develop them than women are, reports WebMD.

Sebaceous cysts are quite rare and affect the oil glands that lie beneath the skin. These cysts are only linked with cancer in extremely rare cases, but it is wise to check them with a physician to make sure they are not a sign of something more dangerous, according to WebMD.

Some epidermoid cysts disappear without any treatment, and others come out after the application of warm compresses. If the cyst is bothersome, the removal process is quite simple, notes WebMD.

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