How Is a Cyst From an Ingrown Hair Treated?


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A cyst from an ingrown hair can be treated by incision, draining the cyst, removing the hair follicle and filling it with gauze, as stated by WebMD. It can also be sewed after draining its content and removing the hair through a procedure called marsupialization. Another option is closing the wound immediately after drainage.

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Typically, there are several medical procedures that doctors can use to treat a cyst caused by an ingrown hair. Sitting in a warm tub helps to ease pain caused by the cyst and inhibits its progression to a point where incision is necessary. The doctor will examine the cyst prior to choosing the right procedure for the condition. It is important to note that antibiotics do not work for this condition.

To diagnose the cyst, a doctor will examine a patient's history and carry out a physical examination. Symptoms associated with the cyst include tenderness, pain, swelling, fever, inflammation and increased blood cells. Visiting a doctor if any of these symptoms appear is necessary to prevent the need for an incision.

Medically known as a pilonidal cyst, a cyst caused by ingrown hairs is a boil that occurs at the coccyx. If it becomes infected, it is usually referred to as a pilonidal abscess.

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