What Are Cute Ideas for Taking Photos of a Growing Belly During Pregnancy?


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One cute idea for photographing the progression of a pregnancy involves the mom standing next to or beneath a chalk board that marks how far along she's come, explains The Bump. Creative ways to expand on this shoot include taking special holiday photos with the chalk board; for example, moms can write "happy Halloween" on the board. Other ideas include shooting photos that display the changing seasons and recreating a pregnancy picture of a mother or grandmother.

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Another cute idea for pregnancy photos involves taking a photo of the mother standing next to a tire air hose and the father pretending to blow up the belly, suggests Stylish Eve. As the pregnancy progresses, the belly appears to grow full of air. Tips for this photo shoot include finding a clean gas station with a tire air hose to use each month and the parents putting their acting skills to use.

To add a magical flare, the parents can act out a magic trick with the appearing baby bump, explains Mamabee. The parents begin by one dressing as a magician and the mother dressing as a physician's assistant. The magician has a wand and a cape. He covers the mother's once-normal belly with the cape, waves the magic wand, and in the next photo series, the mother has a pregnant belly.

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