How Do You Cut Out Sugar?


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People concerned with too much sugar in their diets can cut out sugar by switching out processed sweets for fruit; choosing quality over quantity in moderation; and eating meals regularly, according to WebMD. Avoiding processed foods, which can be high in sugar, can also help curb sugar intake.

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Reading food labels helps consumers determine how much sugar is added to prepackaged foods. Sugar can be called high fructose corn syrup, invert sugar or brown rice syrup. Avoid foods that contain several types of sugar, and instead go for unsweetened choices, according to Time Magazine. Combining protein, healthy fats and fiber in a meal can help increase the feeling of fullness, slowing the release of blood sugar. Using spices, citrus zest or vanilla extract can add sweetness to food without adding extra calories, notes Time Magazine.

Condiments and sauces, including ketchup, can contain approximately half a teaspoon of sugar in each serving, states the National Health Service. Choose vinaigrettes and salad dressings that have vinegar or olive oil bases. Healthy snack options include unsalted nuts, homemade plain popcorn and unsalted rice cakes. Fruity granola bars can be made at home, and dried fruits can be a convenient option for adults and children on the go. Avoid sugary drinks, which can contain almost a quarter of the added sugar found in people's diets, and switch to water or unsweetened lemon water instead, notes the National Health Service.

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