How Do You Cut Carbs?


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To cut carbs, it is important to limit the intake of sugary drinks, eat vegetables like greens and avocados, consume filling fats, and pick brown rice and bread over white versions. Bypassing bread altogether is even better.

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Another way to cut carbs is to focus on quality rather than quantity. For example, limit pasta to only one cup a day.

Substitution is another effective method; try using lettuce wraps and eggplant slices as bread substitutes. Baked turnip sticks can also substitute for French fries. Spaghetti squash is an alternative to pasta, and a small package of nuts at the theater can provide salt and crunch instead of popcorn. Soybeans and tofu are also good options for lower carbs.

Many beverages have carbs and reading labels can guide consumers in making lower-carb drink choices. Water, unsweetened teas and black coffee are all good choices. Breaded or processed meat and seafood should be skipped, as should sauces. Avoid darker meat and poultry skins.

When eating out, cut carbs by asking the server to hold the bread. Inquire whether or not switching rice or potatoes for a vegetable, such as green beans, is possible. Avoid starchy vegetables, such as corn.

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