How Do You Cut Belly Fat?


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Cutting belly fat requires exercise, eating a healthy diet, managing stress and getting proper sleep. Even if external belly fat is not excessive, people carry internal, or visceral, fat that squeezes internal organs.

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The two most important aspects to cutting belly fat are exercise and diet. To reduce fat, a person needs to engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days per week, according to WebMD. Moderate exercise means breaking a sweat and increasing the heart rate. Alternatively, a person could engage in vigorous exercise for 20 minutes four days a week. Vigorous exercise steps up the heart rate.

For some people, walking is all that is safe and counts as vigorous exercise. For other people, jogging is necessary for a large enough heart rate increase. A health care provider can help a person who is not used to exercising determine the proper level at which to begin.

Eating a healthy diet is key to any weight loss. With weight loss, belly fat is typically among the first fat to disappear. Fiber, such as that from apples, beans and pears, prevents the build-up of visceral fat.

Choosing foods with a low glycemic index steadies the blood sugar levels and keeps the body from being stressed by sugar spikes, according to Dr. Oz. Managing lifestyle stress means getting counseling, hanging out with friends, meditating or engaging in some other healthy stress reliever. Proper sleep is no less than five and no more than eight hours each night.

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