How Do You Customize a Prenuptial Agreement Template?


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Customize a prenuptial agreement template by detailing the goals of the prenup, such as separation of finances, protection from debt, designation of property ownership and providing for children, advises Nolo. Specify financial responsibilities such as who pays bills, how you do taxes and what type of bank accounts you maintain.

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When drafting a prenup agreement using a template, specify who owns marriage property and how to divide it up if you divorce, explains Nolo. If one spouse brings debts to a marriage, limit the liability for the debts to that spouse. Itemize property and heirlooms that should remain with one birth family. Ensure that you provide for and protect the inheritances of children from previous marriages. Make an alimony agreement in case of divorce, but realize that a few states do not recognize prenup alimony settlements.

In a prenup agreement, specify whether you plan to file income taxes separately or jointly, as Nolo suggests. Agree on major financial projects, such as buying a house or starting a business. Work out arrangements about how many credit cards you keep and how you plan to make payments. Agree on a savings plan, and if applicable, detail an agreement to help each other through higher education.

When you finish drafting the prenup agreement from a template, have separate lawyers look it over to ensure that it meets state requirements and can pass judicial review, according to Nolo.

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