Does Curves Charge an Enrollment Fee As Well As a Monthly Membership Fee?

curves-charge-enrollment-fee-well-monthly-membership-fee Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Each Curves location is an individual franchise, which means the owners set their own pricing schedules and policies. Some Curves franchises charge enrollment fees, initiation fees or annual fees in addition to their regular monthly membership fees, while others do not.

The estimated initiation or enrollment fee at a Curves gym is $149.99. Monthly fees are between $34.99 and $49.99, while annual fees range from $419.88 to $549.99. Like most gyms, Curves sometimes runs specials or promotions to attract new members. Fees during these promotions might include a substantial discount.

Curves is a gym that was initially designed for women, but some locations now accept men as members, as well.