How do you find current nutritional advice for pregnant women?


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Some reputable online resources for current nutritional advice for pregnant women include MedlinePlus and the American Pregnancy Association. Access to reliable nutritional guidelines is essential because pregnant women have unique nutritional needs, as they are the main source of nutrition for their babies, explains MedlinePlus. These needs include a diet that is higher in calories, calcium, iron, folic acid and protein.

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MedlinePlus is a reliable resource for nutritional advice for pregnant women because it is produced by the National Library of Medicine, the largest medical library in the world, the NIH states. The information in MedlinePlus' health articles is continually reviewed and updated, with the review dates noted on each page. This ensures that pregnant women have access to the most up-to-date nutritional information based on medical research. MedlinePlus provides many resources on this topic, including the latest news, statistics, clinical trials and journal articles.

The American Pregnancy Association, another resource for nutrition guidelines during pregnancy, is a national nonprofit health organization committed to pregnancy wellness through education, the association states. The association's website articles on pregnancy nutrition list the references used and note the date of the page's last update. The content in the site's health articles is reviewed by medical professionals.

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