What Cures Sore Throats?


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Most cures for sore throats can be done at home, including salt water gargles, increased fluids, vaporizers, smoking cessation and nonprescription drugs, according to WebMD. Some more serious cases may require a prescription of antibiotics.

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Health Magazine explains that several warm salt water gargles per day reduces swelling in the throat and loosens mucus to push out bacteria and irritants. Staying hydrated helps flush out the system and fight bacteria and allergens. Hot liquids, such as tea and chicken broth, can have a soothing effect on the throat. Smoking can be a cause of a sore throat, so avoiding smoking or second-hand smoke can alleviate symptoms. Some nonprescription medicines, such as cough syrup, throat lozenges and anti-inflammatory drugs can provide relief as well. Those with strep throat or other bacterial infections typically need prescription antibiotics.

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