What Are Some Cures for Osteopenia?


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Osteopenia is not a disease and causes no symptoms, and its presence is largely dependent on age, childhood activity and childhood nutrition, so there is no cure according to WebMD. It can be treated through vitamin D, calcium, exercise, and sometimes medications to slow or prevent its progression into osteoporosis.

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Osteopenia can develop as a result from other conditions or treatments for other conditions, says WebMD. Chemotherapy or steroids prescribed for anti-inflammatory purposes can both contribute to bone loss. Eating disorders or other conditions that interfere with the body obtaining enough vitamins and minerals also make osteopenia more likely. Regularly drinking soda, excess alcohol and smoking all increase risk. Osteopenia is more likely in certain ethnic groups and in thin people. Osteopenia is far more common in women than men, because their bones are less dense naturally and the hormone changes in menopause accelerate bone loss.

Osteopenia is a condition where a person's bones have lower than peak density, according to WebMD. The bones are still more dense than those of a person with osteoporosis, but osteopenia is often a precursor to osteoporosis. Osteopenia is usually the result of bone loss over time, but in some cases people naturally have thinner bones and osteopenia is not a sign of bone loss.

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