What Cures Exist for Perioral Dermatitis?


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Doctors cure perioral dermatitis with combinations of oral or topical antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications, according to WebMD. Doctors also advise patients to stop using any topical steroid medication and face creams. Successful treatment usually takes six to 12 weeks.

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Perioral dermatitis is a rash that most commonly forms around the mouth, but it can sometimes occur around the nose, forehead or eyes, WebMD explains. The tiny, red bumps that appear usually create a burning sensation. When they occur around the mouth, the bumps may become filled with fluid.

Doctors don't know what causes perioral dermatitis, but many cases occur after the patient uses topical steroid creams to treat other skin disorders, which suggests a link WebMD states. One study found a link between cosmetics and heavy creams containing paraffin or petrolatum and the condition. Other factors that can lead to perioral dermatitis include using sunscreen, taking oral contraceptives, brushing with fluorinated toothpaste, and certain bacterial or fungal infections, Healthline reports.

To prevent perioral dermatitis from getting worse, it is important to protect the face from wind, UV rays and heat, Healthline says. Patients should use moisturizers recommended by their doctors and change makeup brands. Women should avoid heavy makeup and skin creams.

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