Are There Any Cures for Erectile Dysfunction?


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Possible cures for erectile dysfunction include psychological counseling, improving fitness, blood vessel surgery or testosterone replacement therapy, states Mayo Clinic. Whether erectile dysfunction is curable depends on the cause of the condition, but many treatments are available if the particular type of erectile dysfunction is incurable.

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Blood vessel surgery is an appropriate cure in the relatively rare case that erectile dysfunction is caused by leaking or obstructed blood vessels, Mayo Clinic explains. If a cure is not possible, treatments include oral medications, injected medications and surgery. One class of medications enhances the effects of nitric oxide, the chemical the body uses to relax the muscles of the penis and allow blood to flow in. Another medication is alprostadil, which can either be injected into the penis or placed as a suppository in the urethra. Both methods of administration risk the formation of fibrous tissue at the site.

Penis pumps and tension rings are an option for people for whom medications are not desired or are unsafe, says Mayo Clinic. Penile implants are a surgical option for those who have no other treatment options. These implanted rods, placed on either side of the penis, are semi-rigid or inflatable. Semi-rigid rods keep the penis permanently firm, while inflatable rods allow voluntary control of rigidity.

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