What Are Some Cures for Demodex Infestations in Humans?


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Demodex infestations in humans are generally first treated by following good hygiene practices, states the Review of Ophthalmology. Doctors suggest washing the whole body with shampoo, including the eye area, as mites typically spread from one part of the body to the other. Infected people should also wash their bedding once a week, including a cycle through the dryer, as the heat generally kills the mites.

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Though it is unclear whether or not mites migrate from pets to humans and vice versa, doctors suggest avoiding sleeping with pets to treat and prevent demodex infestations, notes the Review of Ophthalmology. A daily lid scrub of 50 percent tea tree oil treats demodex infestations on the eyes and face by encouraging the mites to leave the skin. A 5 percent tea tree oil ointment on the eyes can also clear infections.

Doctors may prescribe topical insecticides, such as crotamiton, ivermectin, erythromycin and metronidazole cream, to kill mites on the skin, states DermNet NZ. Erythromycin and metronidazole are typically used to clear infections on or in the eyes.

Ivermectin is also offered as an oral medicine that may cure demodex infestations in the eyelashes, reports the Review of Ophthalmology. Permethrin is another topical prescription for infestations on the whole face and eyelids.

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