Is There a Cure for Wavy Vision in the Corner of an Eye?

Curing wavy vision in the corner of the eye depends on finding the cause, according to WebMD. Migraines may cause wavy or blurred vision, which usually improves with treatment. Macular degeneration also causes straight lines to appear wavy. It develops in older people and has no cure.

Treatments for migraines include prevention methods, such as avoiding food triggers, reducing stress and quitting smoking, and medications, such as anti-depressants, blood pressure-reducing drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs and triptans, states WebMD. Ocular migraines, which cause vision problems but not pain, respond to the same treatment as other types of migraine, reports

Treatments for macular degeneration focus on slowing down the disease's progression, explains WebMD. They include taking vitamins in specific doses, thermal laser treatment and photodynamic therapy.