How Do You Cure Vertigo?


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To treat benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, WebMD suggests the Epley maneuver to dislodge calcium crystals from the ear canal and provide relief. If vertigo symptoms remain persistent, MedicineNet suggests a prescription for Meclizine or Valium but does not recommend either of these drugs for long-term use. Medication typically treats the symptoms of vertigo rather than the condition causing it. Most cases of vertigo resolve spontaneously.

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The Epley maneuver consists of slowly turning the head at a 45 degree angle from each side and waiting 30 seconds between each turn until vertigo stops. WebMD instructs patients to perform the Epley maneuver three times per day at night until 24 hours go by without symptoms.

MedicineNet remains dubious about the effectiveness of home remedies for vertigo. For patients with long-term vertigo, it recommends performing modified variants of the Epley maneuver on a regular basis to improve vertigo symptoms over time. Patients who suffer from severe nausea or vomiting related to vertigo can receive prescriptions from their doctor.

WebMD describes benign paroxysmal positional vertigo as the most common kind of vertigo. It occurs most frequently in people over 60. Small calcium crystals are dislodged in the ear. Movement causes the calcium crystals to brush across the sensitive hairs causing disorientation and dizziness.

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