Is There a Cure for Vasculitis in the Legs?


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If doctors detect vasculitis in its early stages and it does not affect major organs like the brain, heart or kidneys, then it is treatable, according to Johns Hopkins Vasculitis Center. Vasculitis can be treated with different medications. Once it is undercontrol, doctors can withdraw these medications with the hope that the person is cured or has a long remission, specifies WebMD.

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Is There a Cure for Vasculitis in the Legs?
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However, there is no way to predict if the person will remain in remission or the condition recurs. For example, if a person had vasculitis of the legs,wastreated and the problem is in remission, then he may suspect that it has returned if he experiences a symptom like leg ulcer, reports Johns Hopkins Vasculitis Center.However, people with severe forms of vasculitis, which affects major organs, require more aggressive treatments and may be under medical care for their entire lives, relates WebMD.

Vasculitis is an inflammation of blood vessels that leadsto weakness in them. It is a serious condition that affects different parts of the body and requires treatment that can include steroids and chemotherapy drugs, states WebMD.

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