How Do You Cure a UTI Naturally?


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Reports on natural remedies for UTIs vary; while WebMD says UTIs often go away on their own without treatment and that cranberries have not been proven to cure infections, Mercola states that the natural sugar D-Mannose found in berries, peaches and apples effectively combats UTIs. Healthline suggests drinking more water than normal to help flush the bladder and dilute urine.

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How Do You Cure a UTI Naturally?
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Mercola warns against drinking cranberry juice to treat or prevent UTIs since most juice is loaded with fructose. Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics to treat UTIs and prevent them from developing into kidney infections. Healthline also suggests wearing loose, relaxed clothing that allows the skin to breathe, preventing moisture from accumulating and causing bacteria to breed. To alleviate pain and inflammation, Healthline suggests applying heat over the bladder or abdomen.

According to WebMD, in the study performed, the women who chose to delay antibiotics were most likely aware of the bacterial resistance that develops from overuse. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, or other women with compromised immune systems, should not abstain from antibiotics.

Although UTIs occur in both men and women, they are more common in the latter. When combating a UTI, Healthline suggests avoiding caffeinated drinks that increase the acidity of urine and cause it to burn more during urination.

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