How Do You Cure Urinary Odor?


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In many cases, foul-smelling urine can be treated by eliminating certain foods from the diet or increasing fluid intake if the odor is caused by mild dehydration, explains Healthline. Urinary odors caused by infections or diabetes may require treatment with antibiotics or medications to balance out blood sugar levels.

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How Do You Cure Urinary Odor?
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Odorous urine may also indicate kidney stones, a condition in which crystals develop in the urinary tract. The condition can be treated with increased intake of fluids, diuretic medications and shock wave treatments to break apart the stones, explains Healthline. If kidney stones grow too large to be passed through the urinary tract or cause excruciating pain or infection, surgical removal may be required. Additional symptoms of kidney stones include bloody urine, vomiting, chills and queasiness. Kidney stones are diagnosed with testing procedures such as blood tests; urine tests to detect crystals and bacteria; ultrasound tests to examine the kidneys; and computed tomography scans of the abdomen.

Urine odors can also be caused by life-threatening medical conditions such as liver failure or kidney infections, so it is imperative for individuals experiencing foul-smelling urine to seek medical attention, especially if the urine contains blood or if symptoms are accompanied by intense abdominal or flank discomfort, explains Healthgrades.

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