How Do You Cure an Upset Stomach?


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A person can treat upset stomach at home by using antacids, Bismuth Subsalicylate and drinking as many fluids as possible. Upset stomach may be caused by smoking, food poisoning, overeating, certain foods and motion sickness among other factors. It is a normal condition that gets better on its own with time, as stated by C.Health.

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Also called gastroenteritis, upset stomach is not a serious condition and can be treated by changing one's lifestyle. Some people tend to use antibiotics, which is not effective unless the condition is caused by a bacteria. Drinking as many fluids as possible during the 24 to 36 hours of the condition is quite helpful, as stated by the University of Wisconsin. During this period, using caffeine and alcohol or eating solid food is not recommended.

Taking eight doses of Bismuth Subsalicylate can help to control diarrhea. This drug has several side effects, including constipation, black stool and nausea. People using aspirin are advised not to take this medicine. Acid blockers that contain ranitidine or famotidine can be also used. Another cure for an upset stomach is using antacids that have aluminum, magnesium hydroxide or calcium carbonate, as stated by C.Health. However, before using any medication, a person needs to read the label in case certain ingredients would cause an allergic reaction.

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