How Do You Cure Trigger Finger Naturally?

Some ways to treat trigger finger naturally, without medication or surgery, include rest, ice or heat, a splint or stretching exercises, according to Mayo Clinic. If the conservative, natural treatment does not work, a doctor may suggest steroid injections, a percutaneous release or surgery.

Doctors typically recommend that a patient rest the finger for three to four weeks and avoid activities that require grasping or gripping, explains Mayo Clinic. Ice or heat may also help to treat trigger finger, and a doctor may tell a patient to ice the palm several times each day. Other people may benefit from soaking the hand in warm water, especially in the morning.

Using a splint is also an option, and a doctor may ask the patient to wear a splint during the night to keep the fingers straight, states Mayo Clinic. The splint helps the tendon rest, and it prevents the patient from curling the fingers into a fist when sleeping, which can make the fingers painful in the morning. Stretching exercises may also work, and the doctor may suggest these to help keep mobility in the fingers.

If these treatments do not work, a doctor may try a steroid injection,which is effective in about 90 percent of all cases of trigger finger, though it is not a natural treatment, claims Mayo Clinic. Percutaneous release, or breaking apart the blockage in the tendon, may also work. If nothing else works, a doctor may also suggest surgery for trigger finger.