How Do You Cure TMJ Disorder?


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Temporomandibular joint disorders cannot be cured. TMJ pain can be relieved at home, through intervention at a dental office or via oral surgery, according to WebMD. Individual treatment plans vary widely based on the severity of the TMJ disorder and the treatment goals established by the dental team and patient.

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There are some home remedies that are successful for mild cases of TMJ pain. Over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or naproxen are often helpful. Likewise moist cold or heat packs can help to reduce pain. Eating a diet of soft foods and avoiding other behaviors that can force the mouth to be opened wide can also keep pain in check. Relaxation techniques to help loosen the jaw are sometimes recommended, according to WebMD.

The dentist can prescribe stronger medication if necessary, including muscle relaxers that help to relax the jaw or even anti-anxiety drugs to reduce the stress brought on by the condition. A night guard or splint to keep the teeth from touching may also be recommended. Replacing missing teeth with bridges or crowns might be necessary, according to WebMD.

Other treatments, including ultrasound treatments to apply heat to the affected joint, trigger-point injections and electrical nerve stimulation therapy may be indicated in more severe TMJ cases. Surgery to correct problems in the joint is generally recommended only as a last resort and may involve realigning the joint, removing inflamed tissue, dislodging a disc that is stuck in the joint or even unsticking a locked jaw joint, according to WebMD.

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