How Do You Cure Tennis Elbow?


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According to WebMD, tennis elbow can be healed with frequent application of ice to the area, obtaining adequate levels of rest and using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain medications, such as naproxen and ibuprofen. Patients are also advised to enlist the help of a physiotherapist to exercise the joint and its surrounding muscles and ligaments. In more difficult cases, patients may require steroid injections or shockwave therapy.

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WebMD states that tennis elbow often heals itself with proper treatment. However, there are rare instances when the condition requires surgery to repair the affected tendon. Surgery is highly successful in patients who require it.

Tennis elbow is a common occurrence in people who play sports that require monotonous arm movement, such as tennis, fencing and squash. It is also prevalent among people who work in carpentry, painting and cleaning jobs. The repetitive movement from activities related to these exercises and job tasks causes the elbow joint to become aggravated and inflamed.

It is difficult to diagnose tennis elbow with conventional lab tests. Instead, doctors must perform a physical examination and listen carefully to a patient's description of his pain to determine the cause. WebMD urges people with elbow pain to seek professional advice to rule out other possible health complications.

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