How Do You Cure a Stuffy Nose?


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According to Healthline, home remedies, such as using a humidifier to add moisture to the air or soothing inflamed nostrils with saline spray, can help break up the mucus that causes nasal congestion. In severe cases, doctors can prescribe oral antihistamines, nasal steroids, prescription-strength decongestants or antibiotics to treat nasal congestion.

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WebMD explains that a variety of conditions can cause a person to have a stuffy nose, including allergies, a cold or the flu. Nasal congestion begins to develop when the lining of nasal passages becomes irritated or inflamed and starts producing excess mucus. If the nasal passages remain dry, the membranes that line these passages stay irritated, causing the stuffed-up feeling associated with nasal congestion. Keeping the nasal passages moist keeps the nasal passages open and helps to relieve congestion. Breathing in steam from showers, drinking lots of fluids and placing a warm compress on the face also helps provide relief.

According to Healthline, nasal congestion is not a major health problem for adults, but the condition can be life threatening for infants as it can lead to breathing problems that are potentially fatal. Contact a physician immediately if an infant is experiencing nasal congestion to determine the best treatment options.

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