What Is the Cure for Strained Vocal Chords?

The most common treatment for general causes of strained vocal cords is to rest the voice and avoid speaking or whispering unless absolutely necessary, according to Drugs.com. More serious causes of vocal cord strain, such as nodules, polyps, ulcers and tumors, require voice therapy or surgery to remedy the damage.

If a person's strained vocal cords are caused by a viral infection such as laryngitis, it's necessary for that individual to remain adequately hydrated while the voice heals and wait for the body to clear the infection, notes Drugs.com.

Many vocal cord complications occur because people abuse the tissues when speaking. This is common in individuals who sing or engage in public speaking for a career, people who have a habit of screaming or shouting often, and those who are exposed to loud environments that necessitate yelling to communicate. For these conditions, which can include nodules, ulcers and laryngitis, it is likely for individuals to require voice therapy to learn new ways of speaking so that they don't continue to overwork and damage their vocal cords. People may form ulcers if they suffer from long-term complications with gastroesophageal reflux disease or heartburn, states Drugs.com. Polyps often form in response to repeated exposure to harmful chemicals, such as cigarette smoke and toxic chemical fumes. It's best to visit with a doctor for a visual examination and proper diagnosis of any vocal cord complications.