How Do You Cure a Sore Throat Fast?

cure-sore-throat-fast Credit: Rubberball/Nicole Hall/N/A/Getty Images

When experiencing a sore throat, some quick ways to get pain relief include using a lozenge, gargling with salt water, taking anti-inflammatory medication and staying hydrated, according to Healthline. Without proper hydration, the body can't generate an adequate amount of saliva to keep the throat lubricated.

Warm tea with honey can hydrate the body and soothe the throat. Many additional home remedies for sore throats exist, including sipping chicken broth, using a humidifier, having a frozen fruit pop, getting sufficient rest and applying a warm compress to the throat. According to WebMD, bacteria-based sore throats call for an antibiotic. If severe pain or a fever occurs, Healthline recommends seeing a doctor.