How Do You Cure a Sinus Infection With a Home Remedy?


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Home remedies for treating sinus infections include using a humidifier, breathing in steam, applying warm heat, using saline solution and nasal irrigation, according to WebMD. Drinking plenty of fluids and getting adequate rest are also recommended.

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How Do You Cure a Sinus Infection With a Home Remedy?
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The use of a humidifier in the room where the person suffering from a sinus infection spends most of his time can help to speed recovery from the condition, notes WebMD. The humidifier adds moisture to the air that soothes inflamed sinuses. Likewise, breathing in steam vapors from a running shower while sitting in the bathroom and breathing in deeply can also help to reduce swollen or congested nasal passages in much the same way the humidifier works.

The application of warm heat on the face can also help to relieve the pressure caused by sinus infection. A wet, warm towel can be used.

The use of a nasal saline solution can keep the nasal passages moist, even though the solution is not medicated. Inversely, a salt water solution can be used to irrigate the nasal passages and flush them out, clearing mucus and keeping them moist. A neti pot works well for nasal irrigation, as does the use of bulb syringes.

Finally, drink water to stay hydrated and help thin out the mucus that may be blocking the sinuses, recommends WebMD. Additionally, getting plenty of rest can promote the body's natural healing functions.

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