How Do You Cure Scoliosis Without Surgery?


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Scoliosis cannot be reversed without surgery, according to the Scoliosis Research Society. Nonsurgical methods such as the use of a brace only slow the progression of scoliosis and may prevent the need for surgery in the future.

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The type of treatment a person receives for scoliosis depends on the degree of curvature of the spine, explains SRS. A person with a spine curvature of less than 20 degrees requires monitoring. In children, this involves check-ups every six months and yearly X-rays of the spine.

Patients with a spinal curvature between 25 and 50 degrees may require treatment. A curvature of greater than 50 degrees requires surgery, explains SRS. The main technique is called spinal fusion, and it involves the insertion of rods, hooks, wires or screws to fuse the vertebrae together in a straight position, explains WebMD. Another technique is called instrumentation without fusion, and it involves the use of rods to stabilize the spine without fusion. This method is primarily reserved for very young children.

The use of a brace is an important treatment option for children because it can prevent the progression of scoliosis until the skeleton stops growing, explains WebMD. The cervical-thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis is a brace used for the treatment of curvatures in the high upper back and neck, while the thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis is used to treat scoliosis of the middle and lower back. The use of these braces is limited to curves that are less than 45 degrees.

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