How Do You Cure Scabies at Home?


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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, no over-the-counter treatments have been approved to cure scabies. The only way a person can cure scabies is by visiting a doctor and obtaining a prescription.

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How Do You Cure Scabies at Home?
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The CDC states that the prescribed medications are called scabicides and are available as a cream or a lotion. The cream or lotion is applied to a person's entire body, from the neck down, and it kills scabies mites and their eggs. To complete the treatment and decontaminate a household, all bedding, towels, clothing and furniture should be washed in hot water or sealed in plastic for at least 72 hours. Anyone who has come into contact with an infected person should also seek treatment because symptoms of scabies can take anywhere from two to six weeks before they are noticed. Itching and skin rashes, along with small crooked raised and discolored lines in between fingers or skin folds are some of the symptoms. In severe scabies infections, a person may develop skin sores from scratching at the mites and the reaction caused by these parasites, explains the CDC. To obtain a diagnosis, health care professionals remove a scabies mite, eggs or fecal matter and look at the specimen under a microscope, notes the CDC.

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