How Do You Cure Ring Worm?


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MedlinePlus recommends using over-the-counter antifungal creams containing miconazole or clotrimazole along with good personal hygiene and frequent changing of sheets and towels to cure ringworm. In some cases, prescription antifungal medication is needed for severe cases in which the ringworm reappears, lasts for a long period of time or is on the scalp or beard.

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How Do You Cure Ring Worm?
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Over-the-counter antifungal skin creams typically treat ringworm in four weeks' time, according to MedlinePlus. During this time, patients are advised to keep the skin clean and dry, avoid clothing that rubs against affected areas, and wash sheets, towels and night clothing daily until the ringworm is gone. Itching of the skin can cause ringworm rashes to become infected with bacteria, which requires medical treatment. Signs of infection include worsening and reddening of the rash, skin that is warm to the touch, streaking on the skin, pus, drainage or fever.

Spread through skin-to-skin contact, ringworm is highly contagious and grows best in warm, moist areas, such as swimming pools and locker rooms, according to WebMD. Creating in most cases a ring-shaped, red rash, ringworm can affect all areas of the skin though the same fungus is called jock itch when it appears on the groin or athlete's foot when on the feet.

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