How Do You Cure a Prostate Infection Without Antibiotics?


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Methods of treating a prostate condition without antibiotics include using alpha-blockers, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain medications and various heat therapies, according to Urology Care Foundation. Other treatment options include exercise, prostate massage, surgery, prostate drainage and nutritional supplements, according to SteadyHealth.com.

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Alpha-blockers relax the muscles near the bladder and prostate gland and reduce painful spasms. Similar results can be obtained with anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants and pain management medications, according to Urology Care Foundation. Pressure in the prostate gland can be reduced with a massage that drains the ducts or with Kegel exercises. Avoiding spicy and acidic foods and caffeinated drinks is also advised.

Exercises that stretch and relax the pelvic muscles and sitz baths using very hot water can reduce the intensity of prostatitis, according to SteadyHealth.com. Surgery to open blocked ducts is another effective option for a bacterial prostate infection, as are methods such as prostate drainage and acupuncture, according to SteadyHealth.com.

Effective dietary modifications include eating unprocessed foods such as soy, seeds, fruit, nuts, olive oil, whole grains and cold water fish and drinking 50 percent of body weight in ounces of water per day, according to SteadyHealth.com. Nutritional and herbal supplements with anti-inflammatory properties also prove effective in managing the symptoms of prostatitis.

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