How Do You Cure Pink Eye?

How Do You Cure Pink Eye?

How Do You Cure Pink Eye?

Curing pink eye requires a visit to an eye doctor, followed by home care to help prevent reinfection. If the pink eye is bacterial or caused by allergies, medication is prescribed. To keep your eyes as comfortable as possible with pink eye, avoid using contacts, apply compresses to the infection and keep the area clean.

  1. Visit an eye doctor

    An eye doctor can determine if the pink eye is a bacterial or viral infection. If the infection is bacterial, topical antibiotics are prescribed for treatment. If the infection is viral, it has to be waited out, which can take a few weeks. If the pink eye is related to allergies, the doctor may prescribe eye drops containing antihistamines.

  2. Remove contact lenses

    If contacts are used, remove them, and wear glasses to help relieve discomfort. Thoroughly clean all items associated with the contacts to prevent reinfection.

  3. Apply a compress

    Depending on what feels better, cold or warm compresses can be used to relieve discomfort. Typically, cool compresses feel best on pink eye caused by allergies, and warm compresses feel better on pink eye caused by infection. If using a warm compress, use a separate compress on each eye to prevent spreading the infection between eyes. If the pink eye is caused by infection, always use a clean compress for each application.

  4. Keep the eye clean

    Clean away drainage by wiping a cloth from the inside of the eye towards the outside. Do not reuse the cloth unless it is clean to prevent re-infection.