What Is the Cure for Pinched Nerves?

What Is the Cure for Pinched Nerves?

Severe pinched nerves may require removal of material that is pressing on the nerve. Less serious cases can be treated by resting the injured area, says WebMD.

Aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen can be used to alleviate pain and treat pinched nerves by reducing swelling, claims WebMD. Oral corticosteroids, narcotics and steroid injections can also reduce swelling and pain. Splints can be used to limit motion and allow muscles to rest for brief periods of time.

Pinched nerves are caused by compression, or pressure, on a nerve. The pressure can be caused by repetitive motion or by keeping the body in a single position for long periods of time, according to WebMD. Nerve compression is common when nerves are pressed between tissues like ligaments, tendons and bones. A doctor should be contacted when nerve pain is first felt. The damage may not be reversible, but treatment can usually relieve pain and other symptoms

The most common symptoms of pinched nerves include: pain in the compressed area, radiating pain, numbness or tingling, burning sensations and weakness, says WebMD. Symptoms may worsen when performing certain movements such as head turning or neck straining.

Nerve compression in the neck can cause symptoms in the elbows, hands, wrists and fingers. Long-lasting nerve compression can cause protective barriers around nerves to break down. Fluid can then build up causing swelling, additional pressure and scarring, claims WebMD.