How Do You Cure a Persistent Cough and Runny Nose?


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People who wish to cure a persistent cough and runny nose caused by allergies can take antihistamines, according to WebMD. Other ways to treat postnasal drip include taking mucus thinning medications, undertaking nasal irrigation and using a dehumidifier.

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Individuals who want to cure a postnasal drip should treat the underlying cause, WebMD states. In the case of viruses, sinusitis and allergies, antihistamines and steroid nasal sprays are usually effective. When choosing antihistamines, patients should opt for brands containing fexofendaine, certirizine and levocetirizine, as brands like Bendaryl may exacerbate the problem.

An alternative way to treat this condition involves thinning mucus, notes WebMD. Mucus thinning medications like Mucinex are available, as well as saline sprays. Neti pots help to irrigate the nose and can clear irritating substances like allergens and bacteria. Alternatively, patients can use humidifiers and vaporizers to increase moisture in the air.

Identifying allergens and avoiding them reduces the risk of an on-going runny nose and cough, MedicineNet highlights. Such allergens include mold, dust, pollen and cat or dog fur. Individuals who cannot avoid pollen and dust can reduce how often they come into contact with them by wearing facemasks when cleaning house or mowing the lawn and by closing the windows during peak pollen season.

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